Oakwood Weird & Scary Walking Tour

Please join us for the first annual Oakwood Weird & Scary Walking Tour. Take a guided walk through the Oakwood Historic District and learn about the unique history that makes this  125 year old neighborhood so interesting, weird and maybe even a little scary. Tours lasts about 75 minutes and please be sure you bring your own flashlight and wear comfortable shoes!

Tours will begin at 406 N. Blount Street, diagonally across from the Heck House, and will end at the Oakwood Cemetery. A complimentary shuttle from the Oakwood Cemetery to the Heck House will be available at the end of the tour.

Children 12 and under are admitted free with a purchase of an adult ticket. 

Historic Oakwood

Historic Oakwood


Modernist architecture is being allowed in a late 19th Century Historic District, Historic Oakwood, Raleigh. This decision is seen as a potential threat to the preservation guidelines of the entire city. READ MORE.

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Old Raleigh City Hall

Old Raleigh City Hall

Lost Treasures

View some beautiful architecture lost to fire, neglect or demolition in the name of modernizing.

A Lost Treasure...

A true lost treasure. The Women's Baptist College [now Meredith College] which stood at the corner of Edenton & Blount Streets, Raleigh, NC circa 1907 - later the Mansion Park Hotel. Purchased in 1951 by the State of North Carolina and demolished in 1967 for a parking lot. Today the site remains a parking lot.

What is an architectural treasure?

An architectural treasure can be any type of architecture,  residential or commercial, a unique neighborhood or a district. In short, the structure or area must be architecturally significant for the period and place in which it was built, it must be at least fifty years old, and/or have had a prominent designer, resident or other unique function or distinguishing character. 

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