Building a brand-new home next to a really old one has challenges

"Louise and Allen Crowell have built more than 50 homes in and around Middle Tennessee in the past 25 years. They're hardly afraid of dealing with building codes, construction rules and landscaping guidelines in various neighborhoods.

Then they decided to build their own home in St. Elmo.

"It's a heck of a lot harder to build a house here than it has been in any place I've ever built a house," Allen says. "The other houses I've built only required two inspections -- electrical and septic tank."

Not so in St. Elmo. The rules of the Community Association of Historic St. Elmo committee dictate, among other things, what types of windows and doors you can have, what kind of fencing you can install, the proper style of gutters for your house and how to clean or repair your brick or masonry foundations and walls...."


by Karen Nazor Hill
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