Endangered - Historic Oakwood District, Raleigh

North Carolina's largest intact 19th century neighborhood

A modernist new construction in the Historic Oakwood District with period of significance of 1880 to 1930 is seen as a endangering the entire district as the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC) has changed the way it interprets the guidelines that have been in place for the last 40 years. Every new construction sets a precedent for future design decisions, increasing the threat any non-conforming property poses to the district. In addition, historic districts across the state look to the City of Raleigh as a leader in many aspects of historic preservation. Therefore the influence this property has could be state-wide.

516 Euclid in Historic Oakwood

The following are details about a house located at 516 Euclid. Oak City Preservation Alliance believes this design does not meet the RHDC design guidelines for new construction in a Raleigh historic district. OCPA also believes the Raleigh Board of Adjustments (BOA) was correct in revoking the Certificate of Appropriateness for this design. The City of Raleigh is now appealing its own Board of Adjustments to reverse their decision. OCPA believes this home design is a endangerment to Oakwood and EVERY historic district in the City of Raleigh by setting a dangerous precedent of very loose enforcement of the design guidelines. As seen in other historic districts across the Nation, once land values exceed structure values every historic structure is under threat when they can be easily replaced with new construction.

Below is a detailed timeline of events from the time the house was proposed until today. Supporting documentation is linked to.

December Board of Adjustments Hearing

8:00 Mr. Cherry testifies

11:00 BOA discusses the impact of these legal proceedings on the applicant, Mr. Cherry.  He can continue construction knowing that he proceeds at his own risk.  

Board of Adjustment's First Hearing on 516 Euclid

The following is a video to the first Board of Adjustment meeting to discuss the house to be built at 516 Euclid. By the date of this hearing, December 9, 2013, only the footing and foundation had been completed but not approved. The frame of the house was not up at this time.


January 2014 Raleigh Board of Adjustments

Our Assessment

February 2014 Raleigh Board of Adjustments

From this meeting, we thought it was pretty clear to the builder, homeowner and licensed architect, Louis Cherry, that he should not continue to build the house at 516 Euclid. Any building that he conducted would be building "at his own risk". We are uncertain as to why the builder chose to continue to build the house at 516 Euclid during the appeal process.

Lawsuit between the City of Raleigh and the BOA

We are saddened by the Raleigh City Council's decision to expend taxpayer's money to appeal a decision of its own Board of Adjustments.